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Poorly organised, didn't teach us anything to do with Graphic Design. You have two big projects: make a movie based off of a text, then make a book off of that movie you made. You're given no direction or any criteria to follow, the only thing we're supposed to do is "experiment". That by itself would be fine, but because of the lack of any rubric you have no fucking idea what works and what doesn't. The tutors are especially clueless. I can only speak for my own experience, but I had two tutors and they contradicted each other so severely during one of the tutorials trying to explain what we were actually doing for one of our projects (the tutorials are THREE HOURS LONG, might I mention) that they had to send a follow-up email clarifying what the project was asking for. They got it so muddled that they had to email us after hours. Canvas is bad too. There are multiple instances of the submissions pages that have contradicting ways you should be naming your final projects (coming off the tails of FODR where they'll fail you if you name something wrong, this was deeply concerning) and a majority of lectures fail to provide any real, technical knowledge that would be useful for a student practicing graphic design in the real world. Milanote, the site we're forced to use to share our work is somehow even worse. Our final submissions were given a due date one week EARLIER on Milanote than the one on Canvas so students were rushing to finish their projects early to present. When I asked the tutor why this was, they simply shrugged and smiled and said oops! Looks like you have another week! They give you a free membership to Milanote which is nice, but mine then fucking expired the week we had to post our final submissions on there so I wasn't able to upload all my work. I can't believe I had to pay money for this class. It's embarrassing how unfocused and unhelpful it is.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023