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Certainly a strangely planned subject. We spent the first few weeks focussing on creating a typeface and practicing mark making, then the rest of the time making an album cover. The lectures are a bit strange as they are just the lecturer flipping through a powerpoint with different artists they like in it and discussing the works briefly. The lectures are also recordings from 2017 which was quite disappointing. The subject is VERY concept based and has a lot of focus on art/design history, we spent a lot of time talking about the concepts and history behind type, mark making and album covers but we received very little instruction on how to actually create our projects, if you want to learn how to use the adobe suite or any kind of digital methods of creating your projects, you’re on your own. We only got instruction for learning hand drawn techniques, which felt a bit strange considering graphic design is generally a digitally based practice. The studios are largely a waste of time. This was my biggest problem with the subject, the studios are 3 hours long and a good chunk of that time is watching the lecture with the class, the tutors will just share their screens and play the lecture even though we’ve been asked to watch the videos beforehand. The rest of the studio is usually spent listening to other students get feedback, which is interesting but gets a bit tedious in an online class. However I did receive some great feedback from my tutors during studio which was very helpful, just wish the studios were a bit more efficient. Thankfully I have experience with the adobe suite so I didn’t have much trouble creating my projects, however I can see that other students would struggle if you didn’t have this experience because you don’t receive guidance for digital methods. The best part of the subject was the feedback I got from my tutors, but I definitely wish the lectures spent more time focussing on how to produce work and on more contemporary examples of graphic design. This subject feels quite stuck in the past. If you want to study graphic design to learn how to use the adobe suite to create functional projects like advertisements, logos, or anything along those lines I would not recommend studying graphic design at unimelb. It is very fine art based.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

I felt the lectures added little to my understanding of the subject or anything in general, just lots of images and names quickly rushed through, without going into a lot of detail into the topics, why they were important or their connection to each other or the subject. I didn't understand why I had to do an assignment creating a typeface within the first 5 weeks of the semester but then didn't have the lecture on the basics of typography until Week 8. I also really didn't like that no basic instruction about software was given, never mentioned in lectures and in class only referred to a few basic extremely specific tutorials on Canvas or linked to figuring out how to use it through other websites free trial period, if I wanted to learn this way I wouldn't have come to Uni and had just taught myself at home and saved my money. Luckily I had a little experience with the software but I can't imagine how much more difficult going through this subject not having any would be. Expectations for what was wanted for assignments and what they were being marked/judged was extremely unclear, with only a little vague information that further questioning of tutors did not help. When more information was eventually given to us (which even then still left me uncertain about what I should be aiming to achieve) it was often a week before the assessment was already due instead of at the start when it would have been the most useful. Feedback from my tutor was really frustratingly vague each studio, it became even worse when we transitioned to not having individual zoom meeting times (which were only 15 minutes anyway) but to group sessions. In this setting one student would present their assignment progress and receive 5-10 mins (Even 20 minutes at one time) of feedback, but then I would present my work next and the tutor would only spend 1-2 minutes of vague feedback that left me only feeling even more unclear of what was expected from me and what I should do, the large discrepancies between how much attention different students got was incredibly frustrating. And I know it wasn't because they thought my work didn't need much feedback because they would say this to some students (and they would still then even get more feedback than I did?), I would have been happy if they had even just heavily critiqued my progress and ideas so I would have something to work on but I didn't receive that. This introduction to the Graphic Design Major honestly would have made me seriously consider changing universities, unfortunately, I only changed to this major half way through my degree so I have to stick it out for now. Perhaps my experience was made worse by it being online but even then I still feel there are a lot of core issues with the subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020