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This is a 4-day intensive that takes place in February. It was definitely intense - we started early and finished in the evening, and these long hours made it feel like being in high school again. HOWEVER, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was challenging because we were suddenly using boom mics and professional lighting but we had our tutors to help us out and despite being pretty much thrown into the deep end, it was a really good learning experience. The four days are so much fun, and we got to screen our films at the end of the course and we had pizza afterwards. The assignments are due about a month after the intensive ended, which gave us lots of time to figure out what we were doing and they were challenging but still really fun (plus we had total freedom over what kind of story we wanted to tell, as long as it was a short film) and possible to get an H1. If you did Making Movies 1 and 2 and are eligible for this subject (you need to get above 70% in Making Movies 2), I HIGHLY recommend it. It's so much better than Making Movies 1 and 2 and it's such a great experience.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020