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I am a second-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Media and Communications and doing a Diploma...


would reccomend if u like film !!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

A fascinating subject and a decent WAM-booster if you've done film before. The weekly quizzes were a great way to increase your overall score, especially because we were allowed three attempts at each quiz. The final assignment was a lot of fun because it was a chance to get creative and it helped that I already had an idea in my head before I even started the subject. The visual sequence assignment, however, was very tricky. We had to tell a story using only 10 photos, and we were not allowed to use words. My story had a twist at the end and it was a pretty obvious twist, but whoever was marking it missed the twist completely and started thinking about it really deeply instead of just looking at what was right in front of them. Even though that assignment was worth 50% and I obviously didn't score very well because the examiner didn't understand the story, I still got an H1 in this subject because of the other two assignments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018