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I did this subject during the Summer term as an intensive breadth subject. It was super enjoyable and I was able to notice my art skills improving throughout the intensive track. I highly recommend taking this subject for people who enjoy art but didn't have the opportunity to enrol in the faculty of fine arts. My tutor was so helpful and very patient. The content was well organized and you definitely get the most out of the short intensive. The final assignments (folio and essay) were not too bad as long as you give yourself time to start early. Showing engagement and putting work into this subject is definitely most important if you want to get a H1.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

If you are looking for a fun, art breadth subject, pick this ! One of the best subjects I have done at uni. I did it as a summer subject, and in the week of classes we had I learnt so many skills - like how to do watercolour and sketching. The lectures were quite interesting - helped with the essay we had to do. The tutors were so helpful. All the activities we did were very relaxed and enjoyable (like drawing in the garden). Most days were comprised of getting out our sketchbooks and drawing for the whole day which was fun. When it came to the final folio, we had flexibility in what we could do (like choosing what type of drawings we wanted to do). Got to experiment and draw/collage/paint any botanical subjects. The essay we had to complete was not too bad - it was analysing two botanical paintings in less than 1000 words I believe. Overall, it was a super fun and relaxed subject- also able to get a H1 in it :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020