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The summer intensive is fast paced and required a lot of time outside scheduled class time. You'll likely be exhausted by the end but you'll be proud and amazed of how much your skills changed/improved in such a short time. Don't be nervous about not having drawn before, the key assessment is about your development rather than your overall ability and you'll be coached along the way. The fast paced nature leaves little time to become familiar with your tools before you use them (especially the colour segment) which is why you need to spend more time outside class time (there are daily homework tasks too which form part of the folio assessment). You'll get to sketch/draw some nude life models. It's a unique experience and the models are vulnerable without their robes so it's really important to follow some essential rules while the models are working (your tutor will alert you to these before you begin). Despite the physical and mental demands of this unit, it is truly rewarding and several of my group went on to continue drawing/painting as a personal hobby. You'll be really glad you did the unit (especially if it is a breadth) and if you are prepared to put in the extra hours it can definitely earn you a H1. Enjoy & Happy Drawing!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018