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Past Climates Revision

Summary notes ordered topically. Clear and easy to follow!

9 pages, 2416 words


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Super interesting lectures - talked about all the different stages and climates of the Earth in various eras, as well as the methods used to discover this information and how we use it in the present day (and to predict the future). Practicals weren't assessed and were very easy; they weren't amazingly enjoyable but they did help with consolidation. The only assessments were two essays and an exam that was several longer-response questions which were pretty straightforward. Overall a very chill and fun subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Content is so interesting if you're into earth science and climate change. Assessment is rewarding, two ~1000 word essays worth 25% each, got H1s in both and I am NOT a strong essay writer. Exam is worth the other 50% and when I did the subject, the questions were largely similar to previous years exams. Pracs are not compulsory, but I'd recommend you go and get your money's worth.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019