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The course was changed in 2016. So please do not download older notes as they will have incorrect co...

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The majority of the lecturers are excellent - great teachers, know their content. The content itself is extremely interesting (if you're interested in natural disasters; if not, definitely not the subject for you). Some of the practicals are great, however most make no sense and little to no constructive feedback is provided (One of our tutors when we asked a quetion during a practical about cyclones: "Don't ask me; I'm a geologist!") Overall, unless you have an interest in natural disasters/are a physical geography major, don't bother. But either way, don't get your hopes up.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

the worst subject I have ever taken. Lecturers knew their content well but are by no means good teachers. The practicals are simply terrible - there's absolutely no direction of any kind and some of the pracs expect well beyond the 10% they are worth. That being said it is not too difficult to do H2B-H2A in if you're looking for a bludge subject. Otherwise, seriously avoid -- even some of the helpers in the pracs admitted that the class was so poorly taught. Seriously, save yourself some boredom and stress.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Overall an enjoyable subject, however the format of the pracs each week compared to the final exam is very different. Do not do this subject as an elective if you're maths in poor, as you will struggle with the pracs. Also the group allocations for your project are pre assigned, so sucks for you if you get a group with the idiots of the course. Exam quite easy, just remember the lecture content and you're set.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015