Natural Hazards and Disasters

Donald Hyndman, David Hyndman

For sale by Josephina for $50


Written by Carla

The course was changed in 2016. So please do not download older notes as they will have incorrect co...

12 pages, 2190 words

Dangerous Earth Sumaries

Written by Tom

Lecture Summaries organised into sections according to content that was learned eg/ Bushfires, Coast...

17 pages, 4193 words

Dangerous Earth Summary Notes

Written by Lewis

These ERTH20001 notes are neat, clear and concise summaries taken from the lecture slides. These...

23 pages, 3571 words


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Overall an enjoyable subject, however the format of the pracs each week compared to the final exam is very different. Do not do this subject as an elective if you're maths in poor, as you will struggle with the pracs. Also the group allocations for your project are pre assigned, so sucks for you if you get a group with the idiots of the course. Exam quite easy, just remember the lecture content and you're set.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015