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Semester 2 2017 - H1 grade (92 overall) - ENGR20003 Engineering Materials Note

The note summarises main points in every section, good for preparing for exam.

52 pages, 10026 words


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The content and assignments are okay. One problem is that the speaking of some lecturers are difficult to understand. The exam is a real joke when you are given 2:15 for everything: reading, writing, scanning, uploading. The point is that you have to write, scan, upload each question ONE BY ONE and name them with the right format (unlike usual when you can write all the questions and scan them as one file). Also, the exam is way too long for a 2-hour period. The content in guest lecture and week 12 are not examinable so dont waste your time on that

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

The content was pretty good. There were many different lecturers who all had different fields of expertise. Of course, some of the topics and lecturers were not the greatest but for an introductory materials subject, it was pretty good. I also enjoyed how the mechanics and chemistry of materials were introduced, as this is specifically relevant to engineering majors. On the other hand, the tutors were not great to deal with. They were awesome on the discussion boards but poor during tutorials and question times. Some of the assignments were really tedious and time consuming, with what was expected of us taught in 10 minutes at the end of one of the first lectures. Unfortunately, the 2020 exam was online and was an absolute shitshow with questions being asked that were not taught and it being significantly more complex than past exams. Overall, I do recommend this subject but just understand the teaching team aren't the greatest. Just put in the work and you should get something out of it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020