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I've discovered that I'm not a fan of seminar-based subjects so I'm a little biased, but in my opinion, this subject would be better run in the traditional way with lectures and tutes. David (the lecturer) has a wealth of knowledge about Shakespeare but instead we got to hear the opinions of (the same) bunch of undergrads (like me!) on each text we looked at for 2 hours each week. No one did the online activities (let's face it, it's human nature) and so everything had to be repeated in class anyway or skipped. I really admire David's efforts to adapt to modern teaching/learning but, to be honest, modern teaching/learning doesn't really work - at least for me anyway (maybe it will for you?). This all said, the subject does deal with some great Shakespeare texts (and because each one gets two weeks, gets to go into considerable depth about performances and adaptations of them) and the performance assessment is lots of fun. Please note though that this is not a literature subject - it doesn't do close analysis of texts and so forth; rather, it analyses performances and adptations of the original Shakespeare plays) - so don't take it if that is what you are after.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017