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Quite an underrated subject - only 5 days of intensive teaching in the summer term, so I would recommend it if you are interesting in learning about deaf culture/community and want to knock over a breadth subject during the holidays! The lecturers are fantastic, and they approach the content in a very sensitive manner that is both insightful and respectful to deaf people. There were a few guest appearances from deaf/hard-of-hearing people which I found very engaging. In terms of assessment, I would say it is not too hard to do well if you are good at essay writing and generally expressing yourself. You are given quite a lot of creative freedom in making the resource (Assignment 1) and writing the essay (Assignment 2), so if you choose topics that really interest you and which generate interesting discussion from multiple points of view, you should do well. This subject really makes you consider situations from the perspective of someone with a hearing loss, so engage with this and approach it sensitively during your assessment tasks if you wish to get a good mark. My tutor marked fairly and gave constructive feedback through the LMS when assessments were returned. As the other reviewer says, though, you really don't know how you are going at all until you receive the first assessment back (about a month after commencing the subject) - so if you rely on constant feedback from tutors, this may not be the subject for you! Ultimately, I learned a lot through this subject, and would recommend it - just make sure you keep in contact with tutors to discuss your ideas, as there is little opportunity for formal feedback until you receive your assessments back.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

A truly interesting subject! Shallowly covers 'deafness' as a whole, so really there isn't much more content than there is common sense. i think all that i learned that i didn't previously already know was related to specific statistics on noise exposure and dBs and the specifics on how to read an audiogram. Yet these were only even covered in 2 of the 10 weeks... The small exposure to sign language was also enlightening and a worthwhile addition to the subject. Overall the subject is interesting and very easy. The only two assessment pieces are a 'resource' and a final essay. If you like feedback, this is not the best subject for you. Even though the first assessment was due in maybe w7, we did not receive the marks/feedback for it until SWOTVAC. So you go through the whole subject not knowing if you've really learnt anything. But hey, its an easy subject. I definitely recommend it if you're interested in hearing/audiology or sign language for an easy introduction to the area / or an easy consolidation if you have even a modicum of prior knowledge.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017