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A truly interesting subject! Shallowly covers 'deafness' as a whole, so really there isn't much more content than there is common sense. i think all that i learned that i didn't previously already know was related to specific statistics on noise exposure and dBs and the specifics on how to read an audiogram. Yet these were only even covered in 2 of the 10 weeks... The small exposure to sign language was also enlightening and a worthwhile addition to the subject. Overall the subject is interesting and very easy. The only two assessment pieces are a 'resource' and a final essay. If you like feedback, this is not the best subject for you. Even though the first assessment was due in maybe w7, we did not receive the marks/feedback for it until SWOTVAC. So you go through the whole subject not knowing if you've really learnt anything. But hey, its an easy subject. I definitely recommend it if you're interested in hearing/audiology or sign language for an easy introduction to the area / or an easy consolidation if you have even a modicum of prior knowledge.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017