Games of Strategy

Avinash K. Dixit, Susan Skeath, David H. Jr Reiley

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Competition & Strategy

Written by James

ECON20005 is all about making rational decisions to improve your economic prospect. If you are looki...

20 pages, 10000 words

Check list for the final

Written by Zhongyu

Last semester, the lecturer gave us a checklist that will be covered in the final based on the conte...

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(H1: 96 final mark) Checklist of 144 Questions for the Final Exam

Written by Michelle

This is a list of solutions to 144 (yes, 144) questions that the lecturer for last semester's Compet...

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Competition and Strategy Notes

Written by Joyce

A summary of the lectures and the textbook readings! Features many dot-points and subheadings for ea...

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If you are interested in game theory then you will enjoy this subject. Loads of topics discussing both theory and some applications like screening and auctions. Some is revision of stuff from 1st and 2nd year Micro, some is new. I hadn't done any economics for over a year before doing this subject and not once did this cause me problems, if that's what you are worried about. Lecturer is good but his English isn't the best which caused some confusion (for me, at least). There were some times when what was said in class was a bit vague (not enough concrete definitions) but it was ok to clarify with lecturer. Tutorial attendance is vital: while his personality is a bit jarring, my tutor Daniel (who makes a whole lot of supplementary stuff) was extremely good at showing us how to approach different types of problems. Overall a good subject, quite easy, and quite interesting, and admin side of things was also good.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017