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Detailed Ecology Lecture and Exam Notes ECOL20003

Written by Ella

28 PAGES OF COMPREHENSIVE ECOL20003 NOTES - Notes covering week 1-12 of lectures, tutorials and exc...

28 pages, 11819 words


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Easy enough subject, the pracs were very fun with lots of field work. However, almost all of the lectures felt like they could have been taught in half the time. There were maybe only 3-4 lectures with difficult concepts, and those weren't even taught especially well. The exam was a bit of a joke as well, with typos and ambiguous questions. The assessment was marked very leniently, with most people getting h1s for every assignment. The textbook was quite helpful, they've clearly based the course around it, and there's a free ebook of it in the library which is nice. Overall I found it a pleasant experience, but would recommend just watching the lectures on 2x speed at home instead of going to them.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

The lectures were interesting but studying for the exam became a bit tedious, as we were told to basically study the whole text book, rather than given specific topics to memorise and work on. I did enjoy the pracs and assignments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016