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Do not choose this subject if you have no dancing experience or just know a few choreographies of some Kpop songs cuz you stain Kpop. Although it says on the handbook that this subject is available for students who have little or no dancing experience, later when you participate in the class you will find that most of your classmates are already brilliant dancers (for example, in my class, we have 26 students and nearly 19 of them have practiced dancing before, two of them even have done ballet for 8 years or so). They tend to say that "oh... I'm not so good at dancing...". BUT later, you will be shocked by how quick they learn and how perfect their moves are. Like me and friends were like: " What the..."🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. And just because that majority of your class know how to dance, the tutor speeds up his teaching pace. For a REAL dance beginner like me, I CANNOT CATCH UP honestly. Another reason will be: I do not know how to write essays which focus on analyzing those dance elements. Thus, I quit immediately after finishing my first class. But if you are a really good dancer and also wanna do some exercises during the semester, please ignore what I said above.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I don't recommend this subject at all. If you want a decent overall mark please avoid this subject. The teachers are far too strict in the assessments , i got easily -12% already from the first couple of assessments and i tried my best to fit in the group and do the choreographies the right way without any mistakes. The teachers expect you to be professional level dancer and not make any mistakes at all for a good mark (h1) for the choreography. For the small essays, the teachers were far too strict without a specific reason and i wasn't the only one complaining about it. Overall if you don't care much about marks and you want to dance then go for it. But i really don't recommend it. You may as well just go to a dance school and learn how to dance or join a dance club at uni and choose another subject where the teachers actually care about the students ( teaching useful stuff and actually giving some good marks, even if they are not H1s). Thumbs down. avoid

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017