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Hi :) Completed my undergrad at Melbourne, majoring in Psychology and Criminology & later Psycholo...


Very interesting. Although this is listed as a crim subject, you should expect it to be mixed up with some political theories. Almost everything you write in your essay will have to engage with globalization. Essentially, you have to discuss crime in the context of globalization. As a crim student, I myself found the economic aspects of globalization a bit challenging. In short, unlike my other third year crim subjects (young people and criminal justice/ Managing justice) that are designed for opening to deeper discussions from what you learnt in your second year, this subject is almost like a fresh new start. If you are sick and tired of writing similar stuffs, and want to engage with a somewhat new field of (global) crime study, I would recommend this subject. My score H1s.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016