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[H1] Computer Systems Notes

Written by Xiaohai

This Note for Computer Systems is used for revision purposes. It contains all lecture+tutorial topic...

39 pages, 6112 words


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Yeah this subject was a bit of a shit show this semester, mostly in regards to the assignments submissions and markings. Content was interesting (operating systems) at times though overall I didn't find it the most interesting in the world. It's odd how it looks like they're phasing the operating systems section out of the course, as they only covered it in the last 2 weeks. Lecturers were mostly alright, Junhao giving a more structured and thorough overview of the content, while Lachlan was somewhat vague at times though was more enthusiastic and tried to foster student participation in the lectures. Assignments were something else. Imagine having more than half the cohort getting < 8/15 because the automatic marking submission script is just broken. Bare in mind BOTH assignments had cases where students would lose marks where they should not have. The assignments weren't exactly stimulating either, the first was literally just a glorified if...else... program in terms of socket programming. Overall not a terribly interesting subject, I did it as an elective and I would personally much prefer to have done something else.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This is a very content heavy subject. You're taught an overview of computer networking along with a little bit of operating systems / computer architecture towards the end. The two projects are reasonable in difficulty but can take quite some time if you haven't really kept up to date with the labs. As always I dislike computing exams that are worth more than 50% (this one is 60%), since I always find I learn the most from completing the projects. There were two lecturers in sem 1 2019. One took the first half of the course (he was new) and the other took the second half (not sure if he was new or not). Both did a good job and the slides were well-prepared. Personally, subjects like this are not really why I'm doing computing. I'm much most interested in the algorithms stuff, like what's taught in COMP20007 Design of algorithms and COMP30024 Artificial Intelligence. If you're the same, you might not have a great time with this subject, but that isn't really the fault of the lecturer and the importance of the content is apparent.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Actually interesting content marred by the world's most incompetent lecturer and useless lab demonstrator.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017