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Ancient Greece - Athens

Written by Aidan

A condensed history of ancient Athens in dot point form covering topics such as the Greco-Persian Wa...

30 pages, 9002 words


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Ancient Greek as a subject is great. However, the teaching at unimelb has been less so. The teacher is really hard to follow. I have studied seven different languages. The teaching here is below par. The teacher obviously knows his material. The transmission of his understanding to the students is the problem. He is in a world of his own. He talks about things as if they were obvious, when they are not so to my fellow students. When we go through exercises, and he selects individual students to translate sentences, it feels like we are pulling out teeth. There these awkward pauses, and stops, and starts. Anyone can see that the student is struggling. However, the teacher does not see this, and if they do, their ability to guide and encourage is sorely lacking. I feel sorry for my fellow students in these scenarios, especially when the teacher asks if anyone else ones to help them out with the exercise...it would feel humiliating for them. The teacher lacks understanding and empathy for the student experience. His ability to guide and encourage is sorely lacking. Ancient Greek is a great subject - it is unfortunate the teaching here will put off many students.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Well taught subject, it is worthwhile to attend each tute class. This subject is a good introduction to Ancient Greek and builds a foundation of grammar to be able to begin reading sentences in Ancient Greek

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015