Essential Reproduction

Martin H. Johnson, Barry Everitt

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Essential Reproduction 6E


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Fully Comprehensive Notes (Weeks 10 -12) - PART IV

Written by Krishna

This is a fully comprehensive document containing notes for weeks 10 -12 of reproductive physiology....

37 pages, 14598 words

Fully Comprehensive Notes (Weeks 7 - 9) - PART III

Written by Krishna

This is a full comprehensive document containing notes for weeks 7-9 of reproductive physiology. It...

34 pages, 14211 words

Fully Comprehensive Notes (Weeks 3 - 6) - PART II

Written by Krishna

This is a full comprehensive document containing notes for weeks 3-6 of reproductive physiology. It...

38 pages, 17817 words

Fully Comprehensive Notes (Weeks 1 + 2) - PART I

Written by Krishna

This is a full comprehensive document containing notes for the first two weeks of reproductive physi...

24 pages, 10346 words

BIOL30001 H1 91 NOTES

Written by Marie

These notes comprehensively cover all material covered in Reproductive Physiology in an easy to unde...

192 pages, 46117 words

H1 STUDENT, detailed notes for BIOL30001

Written by Britt

Lecture-by-lecture notes in great detail. Notes from a Chancellor Scholar. Expands on lecture slides...

60 pages, 33812 words

H1 Reproductive Physiology Course Summary Notes

Written by Paul

Comprehensive summary notes for Reproductive Physiology. These notes contain everything required to...

64 pages, 18919 words

BIOL30001 Summarised!

Written by Dionne

Complete summary and glossary of the most important topics, terms, processes, hormones and pathways...

15 pages, 9547 words

H1 Reproductive Physiology Notes BIOL30001

Written by Jo

I usually spend 2-4 hours on my notes for each lecture. This subject is very content heavy but by us...

122 pages, 38508 words

BIOL30001 Notes

Written by Dionne

Descriptive & condensed summaries of ALL lectures in the course.

106 pages, 74551 words


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Hands down the best subject I took in my course. Mark was an amazing lecturer and coordinator. Even though the workload was demanding, the course content was so interesting I didn't even mind. A definite must for students interested in Development/Reproduction

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This is a great subject but extremely demanding. I don't regret taking it, but there are definitely moments in the semester (particularly early on) when I did struggle. The best bit of advice I could give is to not give up, keep persevering and give your brain time to adjust to the pace and volume of content. If something doesn't make sense right now, look at it again tomorrow: watch youtube videos, try explain concepts out-loud or read about it. It won't all make sense right away. I found that as the semester went on I adjusted and was able to walk out of lectures feeling like I was grasping concepts better than I was in the beginning. To get the most out of lectures, GO TO THEM! Watching them online is such a chore. I would recommend printing the slides out beforehand and annotating with a pen. The classes really need all of your concentration, and typing mindlessly or having other distractions with my laptop made me lose focus... and that was when I had to go home and rewatch the lecture. The difficulty of this subject is eased with the help of awesome lecturers and a strong narrative flow. Overall, this subject might seem scary in the beginning but at the end you will look back feeling really satisfied with yourself for pushing through, and you'll also know a lot about reproduction. Best of luck.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

One of the BEST subjects I’ve ever taken. The lecturer/coordinator Mark is fantastic and super nice and helpful. Although the subject is content heavy, it is very interesting so as long as you keep up to date, you should be fine. It will also very interactive and covers a wide range of topics from male/female reproductive health to diseases, treatment, IVF etc. Will definitely recommend!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

My favourite subject ever. Very content heavy, but the amazing lecturers make up for it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Very difficult but excellent, dedicated lecturers.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014