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This subject was only OK. This subject consisted of 6 different topics in the scope of evolution to ecology. There were 12 total lecturers, 2 for each topic. I personally found the first 2 topics (evolution) to be quite interesting and well taught. Topics 3 and 6 were probably the most difficult to grasp personally and I think they were taught less well than others which made it a little more difficult than it needs to be. On top of the lecturers, there were pracs and workshops approximately 3 hours each week. I found the workshops quite useful because it usually covered challenging concepts that were taught in the lectures. However, the pracs were probably the worst part of this subject. Essentially you were thrown into a breakout room, mostly with people who did not use their mic/wanted to be there and asked to complete a test by the end. I strongly disagree with using tests as a method of examining practical skills and instead do something similar to chemistry where you submit a report of the practical. The final part of this subject was the group assignment. Groups were assigned randomly and we had to gather data on a particular taxon on the coast of Australia (using a database of course). My group worked pretty well together and I think most groups did too. The examination was quite challenging with ~1 mark/min. The examination also focused a lot on topics 5/6 opposed to earlier topics. Furthermore, studying for this exam was quite a pain, with 36 lectures ranging in quite different areas in biology, it was easy to forget some of the most challenging concepts. Overall, I feel this subject was much better than BIOL10009 but I think a little refinement and tweaking of teaching and practicals would improve this 3 star to perhaps a 4 or 5 star subject. For future students, I would recommend reading over material prior to the lectures and would also encourage you to complete the pause and reflect questions that appear in the lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020