Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Keith Wilson(ed.) ; John Walker(ed.)

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H1 BCMB30010 Advanced Techniques Notes

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Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

The lab and lecture components are great but the lab books take an huge amount of time and the marking on the major essay is extremely harsh. Be prepared for this subject to take up literally twice as much of your time as a normal third year science class.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Incredible subject that really takes you deep into the laboratory environment. Expect to come out of this with a high level of autonomy for how to approach an investigation into analysing DNA or a protein. VERY time consuming and the workload is incredibly high, would only recommend if you have 3 subjects in the semester or 3 and a very VERY simple breadth. Assessment is based on lab notebooks you write in (which is where you'll spend most of your time at 3 am writing), a big formal lab report, and a group presentation on a scientific paper (plus a little 45 minute exam in the final week of exam period). The lectures are simple and follow nicely with other BCMB subjects. Renu is the most amazing demonstrator I've ever had, if you have her or Isa they're both super lovely and helpful to have when you have any questions about the theory or lab protocol. 5/5 - Great content, amazing labs, the workload is horrible but very an easy H1 if you really apply yourself and have a good biochemistry background!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if time can be committed. Got to learn A LOT. Should take it if one wants to be prepared for research.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

A step up from BCMB20005 with more interesting techniques and more challenging content including a full report and speech toward the end of semester.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016