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this subject managed to take all the interest I had for ancient egypt and plunge it into the ground deeper than tutankhamens tomb. the lecture structure and general subject structure is simply not good, it is tedious, it is boring and seems to be without focus. the lecturer seems nice but goes way too fast and seems to assume prior knowledge. the readings are not available online except the textbook which is dry as anything and dont need to read it anyway. we spent way too much time on archeological and obscure gods, goddesses and entities that seem to have no impact on the overall story of ancient egypt and were simply thrown in to overwhelm us and I did not appreciate it. the 'quick spell' and 'quick cult' sections of the lecture i could have died of boredom I am so sorry. maybe I am not as interested in ancient egypt as I thought, but when you are dealing with such a massive span of time you need to conceptualise and structure it in an understandable way and it simply has not been done here. the saving grace of this subject is becky who is one of the loveliest human beings i have came across at melbourne, she is understanding, engaging, genuinely cares about her students and is doing her best with this shit content. I would avoid unless you really, really like ancient egypt.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019