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This is a great subject. I took it as an intensive during July 2021 - the first time it was run - and it was well taught, organised and structured. Really enjoyed this subject. Some comments: * Topics covered include: sparkling wines, white spirits (gin, vodka, tequila), dark spirits (scotch, brandy, rum), and fortified wines. Each topic had a corresponding practical and tasting - of note, there was masterclass from Four Pillars for gin, and a winery field trip to Rutherglen for fortified wines. You have to taste the alcohol but you can spit it out afterwards. * Chris, Sonja, and Billy were all excellent. They had previous experience in the wine and spirits industry, and were easy to listen to. * Can't comment too much on the assessments as I haven't taken them (lockdown happened and they were cancelled) but they would've included: a blind tasting exam, theory exam (both on the Friday), and an online quiz due a few weeks after the intensive. * The intensive is held at the Dookie campus, located near Shepparton. You can drive up or take the train to Shepparton, and they'll bus you from the station to the campus. It's colder there than it is in Melbourne and the dorm rooms are not heated, so pack warmly. Bring everything you need as the nearest shops are 30 minutes away. Food wise, you're given 3 meals a day. Cereal and toast for breakfast, a sandwich and sweet treat for lunch, and dinner changes every night (dinner was pretty amazing every night imo). There's also an option to buy hot food from the dining hall, and also a vending machine next to the admin building (both accepts card). There's also a gym that you can use. * Keep up with the study. It is an intensive and there is an exam at the end of the week. Drinking and partying pretty much happens every night (side note: bring alcohol) - by all means join but don't forget to study.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021