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ABPL30039 Construction Contract Administration Subject Notes

Covers all 12 weeks, specifically: - Overview of construction contracts - Conditions of a contract...

44 pages, 8893 words

Construction Contract Administration Notes

A thorough, clear and wholesome set of notes on the entire course with all info from lectures, tutes...

88 pages, 24535 words

Summary of Lecture Notes

- All lecture notes including guest lectures - covered all topics (texts in black) + summarized eve...

70 pages, 15359 words


$1 per hour

Dean's Honours Master of Architecture and Construction Management from the University of Melbourne,...


This has got to be the worst subject in the ABP faculty. The lectures and tutorials are all ran by one chinese teacher who looks like he is just there for the paycheck. He basically just reads from his god awful lecture notes of his, I couldn't understand what he was saying after watching the recording 3 times each. If this is a compulsory subject for you then good luck, otherwise DON'T DO IT

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021