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Fantastic subject, I loved completing every assignment. Although tedious our first assignment was rewarding; every student modelled a different public square from around the world. The second assignment was a group assignment, and we were required to make a movie about 'urban intervention'. Luckily I was in a cooperative group, every member was passionate about our project. My tip would be to film early so you get this assignment out of the way quickly and can focus on other assignments.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Urban Design Studies is a poorly organised subject. Assignments were unclear and instructions were inadequate. No marking schemes for assignments were initially given, until students asked for it. Even so, the marking schemes were very brief and provided little guidance. The reader was only released 2 weeks after the semester had started and ultimately, not every student were able to buy the book - because they ran out of copies (very disorganised). The reader was often not referred to throughout the semester, so it had little relevance to the subject source. There was no clear content structure in lectures from the beginning. They did not write down all the topics we were going to cover on the subject guide. The lectures were not recorded, nor were all the lecture slides posted on the lms. No staff member details were posted on the LMS, so students were unsure of who to contact when they needed assistance outside of class. However, a lot of the topics covered in the lectures were interesting. Topics include: Introduction to Urban Designing, Perception & Seeing, Spaces between Buildings, Densities, Contemporary Cities, Asian Cities, Islamic Cities and South American Cities. There were 4 assignments in total, including a group movie project and a reflective journal.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014