Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Third Edition

Ernest Burden

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Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Third Edition

Ernest Burden

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Global Foundations of Design\ Architecture Subject Reader

Melbourne University

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Global Foundations of Design (ABPL10004) & FOUNDATIONS OF ARCHITECTURE (ABPL20030)


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Global Foundation of Design( Subject Reader 2017)

Philip Goad

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Global Foundations of Design Subject reader

Melbourne University

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Global Foundations of Design H1 Full notes

Written by Wendy

Condensed weekly lecture notes: simple and straightforward ideas laid out in dot points. L1 The L...

34 pages, 8857 words

EASY TO UNDERSTAND Global Foundation of Design NOTES

Written by Vicki

-Includes weekly lecture notes: *The Land: indigenous Australians and the making of space *The Se...

54 pages, 18397 words

gfod exam prep 2019 ver

Written by Lily

At this point (swotvac), I am sure you are not willing to read a whole lot of long paragraphs/notes...

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Exam Notes

Written by Natalie

Covers key buildings from lectures and tutorials with annotations of important details, themes and s...

45 pages, 4723 words

GFoDR 2017 building picture notes

Written by Eunju

- This picture notes is great for annotating additional notes when revising. - Includes building/ a...

24 pages, 1056 words


Written by Jin

Global Foundations of Design 24 lectures from week 1-12 notes with relevant pictures to reference f...

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Foundations of Architecture Exam Prep Notes

Written by Alison

Relied only on these notes for my exam. Simple to read and concise and detailed format of informa...

37 pages, 2751 words


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I completed my Bachelor of Environment degree at The University of Melbourne last year. I major in U...


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Education: - Bachelor of Environments (Architecture Major) at the University of Melbourne - Curren...


Great subject. Loved learning about historical buildings and sites. Phillip was a fantastic lecturer that was engaging, and spoke in clear and well-paced manner. He would also spell out certain words for us too. Just make sure to stay on top of the lectures. Readings for tutorials are interesting, but it's a lot and it's just better to skim read before the tute.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Incredibly fast paced and fascinating subject, you always walk out of lectures with new knowledge and ideas. If you stay on top of readings (which can be long) and know your buildings well, you’ll do great. Very fair exam if you’ve done the work (no tricks or convoluted questions). Highly recommend even if you’re not studying architecture as this is basically a history subject through an architectural lens. Start making a table of buildings from day one (name, date, architect and key ideas)!!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This a an awesome subject, especially as breadth. The content is really interesting and the assessments are really relevant to the skills you need to have and the buildings you need to know. The site visits were a lot of fun and the tutors are super nice, especially Renne. Would defiantly recommend to all design and non design students. Just make sure you keep up to date with the definitions and do lots of revision for the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

5 Stars - but probably would get hold of building list early and study them week by week

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Absolutely loved Phillip Goad's lecturing style. He is engaging, motivating and makes learning history exciting! He is a wonderful contribution to the university's staff

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Great subject for who intent to major in architecture. The trick to nail the exam is going through the past exam paper and double check its solutions with lectures and tutorials. The subject guide given at the begining of the semester should be treated as bible and review before coming to lecture and tutes and extremely handy when it comes to fore-study or revision. For the assignments are about your reseach and writting skill since u are expected to manage select ideas and agurments through many books so time management is crucial (the assignments are quite dissapointed for me as well so i don't really have other advice). Overall, this subject is highly recommended and fairly interesting in exploring the ideas of looking at history through architecture

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016