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I would only recommend willingly taking this unit if you need to fill in an elective/breadth unit and there is literally nothing else you can find to do that fits into your timetable. If you keep up with the weekly assessment work and attend each week you will pass and score an 'ok' mark, but the unit is essentially a basic drawing class with little to no useful instruction (you're not going to be taught basics of perspective drawing, shading techniques, or even basic hand drafting). There are a few weeks of CAD instruction in a few different programmes jammed into the unit randomly but the instructors teach you weird, complicated ways of doing things. You also have to pay for the printed version of the course outline that every other course at this uni at least puts on LMS or prints out.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

really fun subject especially the modules at the end of semester. the only tips i have are to make sure you complete each weeks task in that week because once you fall behind its almost impossible to finish everything. Also listen to any critique your tutor has and follow it whether you disagree or not as they'll be grading your work (also listen to them describing the tasks and watch out for any hints they might give on their own personal preferences).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015