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B. Commerce/B. Laws

Currently working at Macquarie University as an ITAS Tutor for ACST1001, ACCG1000, STAT1250, STAT1170, MKTG1001 and MGMT3050.

PAL Leader in 2018 and 2019 for Accounting in Society (ACCG100/ACCG1000), Principles of Management (BBA102/MGMT1002) and Microeconomic Principles (ECON111/ECON1020).

I provide a tailored approach depending on my student's needs. I endeavour to explain concepts in a simple, straightforward way. You will receive structured worksheets based on past papers which will allow you to learn to apply those concepts in a real exam setting. Furthermore, I provide guidance on how to approach assessments/assignments and help proofread work.

Key units/subjects:

ACCG1000 - Accounting in Society
ACCG1001 - Accounting and Governance
ACST1001 - Finance 1A
ECON1020 - Principles of Economics
MGMT1002 - Principles of Management
MGMT3050 - Strategic Management
MKTG1001 - Marketing Fundamentals
STAT1250 - Business Statistics
STAT1170 - Introductory Statistics
ACCG2002 - Finance and Regulation for New Ventures

Tutoring rates:

$100 for one-on-one tutoring.




Vivian tutored me for ACST101 and was beyond all expectations. As I did not study math in my senior years of the HSC, I initially found this unit overwhelming and struggled greatly. Upon receiving tutoring by Vivian my grades and self-belief instantly improved. Our weekly meetings were helpful and transformative in my understanding and preparation for weekly quizzes, assessments and the final exam. She was very clear in her explanations and diligent in revising concepts until I understood them. I know that without her help I wouldn’t have received the mark that I did and would recommend her without hesitation!

Sophia, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Vivian is so good! She helped me so much in ACST101 and was so patient with me when I didn’t understand a concept or question. She is so good at making questions easier to break down and I was very happy with my end results I received due to her help! Would highly recommend ! :)

Talia, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Vivian is an amazing tutor. She was thorough, concise and most importantly - patient. Vivian tutored me for my exam preparation of ECON111 with the new curriculum, where I went from not being able to understand basic concepts to confidently walking into exam.
I cannot thank her enough for helping me get through ECON111, without her I would not have achieved the marks that I wanted. She changed my perspective on microeconomics in just a few sessions and even made me enjoy learning. I can honestly say that if all tutors at Uni were like Vivian, we would all be passing with flying colours.

Hanna, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Vivian tutored me for ACSTS101 and ECON111 and was fantastic! She helped me in all areas especially my lack of confidence and struggle with understanding maths and economics. We met up every week, answering all my questions and always took the time to go through lots of examples, past papers and share tips. With her help I was able to complete assignments and and take my exams fully prepared and got a final mark I was so happy with. I know If it wasn’t for her help I would not have done as well as I did. Would highly recommend her to anyone!

Mariandrea, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Vivian is an exceptional tutor! She tutored me for ACCG100 and STAT150 in 2018 and was so patient despite the fact that I was really struggling. The way in which she explained the difficult content and went through practice questions with me in a clear and methodical way is the reason why I ended up achieving marks (in both units) significantly higher than I would have if I had battled alone. It really helped me that Vivian took the time to explain the reasoning behind the content as well as just the content itself as I was able to mentally visualise everything and it ultimately made the learning process so much easier - I’m really grateful!

Alice, StudentVIP member
since May, 2018


Vivian is an incredible tutor, she was very patient and polite. She used various, amazing techniques and methods of explaining each concept very clearly. After working on diverse topics she would ask questions on areas I'm not confident with and tries her very best to explain it in the most simplest, effective, efficient way possible. Her charismatic, humbling, knowledgeable, motivational self has inspired me to never give up and to push myself to do better as each week goes by. She is very inspirational, organised and a hard working person. I highly recommend her as she is an amazing tutor with amazing academic, teaching skills and will assist you to deliver great results.

Shugofa, StudentVIP member
since April, 2017


Vivian tutored me for Acst101, and was amazing!! With my lack of confidence and struggling to understand concepts within the unit, she met up each week with me, answering any questions and taking the time to go through lots of examples, past papers and tips with me. With her guidance I was able to go into the exam fully prepared and got a final mark I know I would not have gotten close to without her help!

Emily, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Vivian tutored me for ACST101, meeting on a weekly basis before my tutorial she was able to provide me with the best tips and tricks on how to tackle questions in a clear and concise way that I understood. Initially struggling with some concepts, Vivian was able to pin point my capabilities and together we were able to conquer the tricky questions which in turn reflected in the outstanding marks I received. Without her extra help I wouldn’t have done not nearly as well throughout the semester. Vivian goes above and beyond for her students, I needed additional assistance with another subject which she provided a couple of points of contact for as well as extra worksheets and solutions which I found extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend anyone seeking an experienced tutor to contact Vivian.

Thomas, StudentVIP member
since November, 2018


Vivian is an outstanding tutor! She tutored me for ACCG100, ASCT101, ECON111 and STAT150. Vivian made all the concepts I had been struggling with perfectly clear, through her thorough explanation and easy to understand examples. Since meeting with Vivian, my results have been very pleasing. Getting tutored by Vivian was the best decision I have made!

Alex, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Vivian is an excellent tutor! She tutored me for STAT150 and BBA102 which helped tremendously. We met on a weekly basis to go over the week’s content. Vivian explains the course material in a clear and simple way. She will go above and beyond to answer questions you are struggling with and provide great guidance for assignments. I highly recommend Vivian for STAT150 and BBA102!

Abby, StudentVIP member
since December, 2012


Vivian is a great tutor! She tutored me in STAT150 and ECON111. Vivian explained concepts clearly and in a way that made it easy for me to understand. She was very helpful even outside of tutoring sessions - if I had extra questions I would email her and she would reply promptly. I would recommend Vivian to anyone!

Jemma, StudentVIP member
since March, 2016


Vivian is fantastic! She tutored me for STAT150 last year. I didn't do maths for my HSC so I was really struggling with the subject and barely passing assessments. Vivian's explanations made things much clearer and easier to understand. We were able to work at pace I could follow and she not only explained what to do, but took the time to explain why we were doing it. She gave me lots of tips and tricks for the final exam and I was very happy with my final mark!

Anna, StudentVIP member
since October, 2015