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Hi, I'm David, I'm a PhD student, having recently completed my Masters of Computing (Adv.) at ANU. I've also completed a BSc Honours in mathematics, with first class honours. I 'm currently working on my PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and also tutor in Computer Science at ANU, on the side. I was recently awarded a teaching award for my efforts as a tutor in ENGN2219. I have had experience private tutoring in the past, I've officially tutored/am tutoring COMP1100 (thrice), COMP1600 (thrice), COMP2300, COMP2610 (twice), COMP3630, ENGN2219, MATH1005, COMP3670. I also assist with the CSSA study events for COMP1100 and other courses. Odds are, if you study computer science at ANU, you've probably seen me around. I developed an entire course's worth of videos for COMP1600, (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSh1ciMG3AkFMZ03a7IjFg) if you'd like to see how I explain things. My hours are flexible and I can meet at pretty much any time on campus. My preferred style of teaching is to have the student work through some problems on a topic they find difficult (usually from the tutorial sheet) ahead of time, and then when we meet I can go through content they didn't understand, or review the solution they have and provide feedback on it. (i.e was the proof given easy to follow, were there any mistakes, was there an easier way to solve it). I find this method works the best to foster understanding of a topic, but if another method works for you I'm happy to adjust to suit you. I'm also happy to guide students through past exam papers, or reviewing assignments that were returned to the student and working through questions they lost marks on. I did MATH1115/1116 in 2013, but I can also tutor MATH1013/1014 as the content is almost a subset of 1115/1116. If a course you're looking for isn't listed, ask! I will be able to tutor most math or comp sci courses. I can also tutor groups. I'm happy to negotiate any other terms you may have. Contact me on WhatsApp +61 421 360 356, book me on calendly(dot)com(slash)dquarel