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Hi, I'm Top ↗ Henry!

I'm a Monash student studying Business.


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Top ↗ Henry
Academic Goals: 80 85 90 95+ /100 Premium Service

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99/100 Positive Feedback from University Students in co-working with N.Z HomeTutor Ltd. - Student Training & Coaching

I am expert tutor in Maths & Statistics - having 3.5 years of experience in distance tutoring at U.K in 2012, and local Sydney & Melbourne students (2013-2015) till NZ local students in 2017 with best feedback from well known tutoring companies - NZ HomeTutor. You will get complete help on

**Economics: Demand & Supply, Marginal Rate of Substitution, Profits & Costs in Competitive Market,...
**Basic Statistics: Probability - Regression - Models...
**Master Level: Forecasting, Time Series Model,...
**Finance: Present Value, Future Value, CAPM...
**Accounting: CV Analysis, Budgeting, XERO & MYOB,...
with fully supported materials & exam notes.

Also you will get help on take-home assignments, online quizzes, and in-class tests mid- and final examination. For Master Level, Thesis/ Project & Research Papers - Free Coaching/Tutoring & Revision Notes is now available!

Till date, I have tutored almost 200+ students in a different classes, in Finance, Statistics & Maths, Accounting, and Economic subjects. My vast tutoring experience enables me to understand student’s problem and allow me to help them in the way they are looking for. It would be a great pleasure for me to join StudentVIP and offer my services here!

For Students, Please leave your name, mobile no. & email address here, so I will reply directly for a meeting!

Kindest Regards,
Henry Hill




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