Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I'm a UNSW student studying Science.


Per hour




Started uni
UNSW Scientia PhD Scholar
1st Place in CHEM2031, CHEM3031
1st Class Honours in Chemistry
2nd Place overall in 2nd Year.

Awarded many UNSW Prizes + Scholarships:
Scientia PhD Scholarship 2020
UNSW Chemical Society Dwyer Prize 2018
UNSW Howard Prize for Inorganic Chemistry 2017
UNSW Chemical Society George Wright Prize 2017
Howard Bequest Undergraduate Scholarship 2018

As a tutor, I can assist in a variety of areas ranging from explaining concepts in chemistry, lab work and data handling skills, as well as techniques/guidance in preparing for final exams. Teaching style is problem-based, integrating lecture concepts and how they apply - guiding you through the tutorial workbook which is largely assessed in the exams.

- 2nd Year tuition is available for Analytical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry at $100/hr.
- Group tuition is available, please enquire for pricing.

- Problem-based learning
- Textbook resources, previous lecture materials + worksheets, my notes, sample papers
- Online support, guaranteed response within the day, free of charge.
- Expertise in chemistry from a top ranking UNSW graduate.

Please note: my only availability is on Sundays and spots are limited. Lessons will be held online via zoom and one note.




Rebecca was an amazing tutor. This chemistry course is tough and concepts are not easy to comprehend. Rebecca explained topics in a way that was easy to understand and remember. She was also very accessible and always answered any questions or queries at any time of day! I genuinely thought I was going to fail this subject, but with Rebecca’s assistance I managed to pull through!

Shahd, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Rebecca helped me gain confidence in my chemistry study as well as in my exams, which was my biggest concern in the subject. At the end of each session I felt like I was becoming more proficient and it definitely translated in my final marks! If you are feeling unconfident in chemistry or just want to brush up on your skills I couldn't recommend Rebecca enough!

James, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018

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