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My name is Kirsten and I am a casual academic for 1st and 2nd year topics at Flinders Univeristy. I have also completed my Bachelor in Forensic and Analytical Science (Honours). I tutor for year 11, 12 as well as 1st and 2nd year uni students. Specialising in Chemistry and Biology topics! Meeting at Flinders University would be the ideal location but other locations can be negotiated. I'll work through any homework and assignment tasks as well as simply explaining concepts struggled with. I ask $35 an hour per student and $25 per student in groups with 2 or more! I look forward to helping you guys out!


English, Afrikaans


Kirsten is an unbelievable tutor. she has the ability to condense complex concepts so that beginners can understand it and knows hows to relate the information in a fun way. she is willing to go overtime to make sure you get what u need out of the session and is understanding of financial situations. all in all i cant express what a great choice it would be to employ her services to boost your grades.

Suraj, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


I started seeing Kirsten before my chemistry exam which I was feeling very unsure about. After seeing Kirsten I had a new found understanding of chemistry and went in to my exam I previously thought I would fail with a new found confidence. I would never have got the scores I received with out her help!

Corin, StudentVIP member
since May, 2019


Kirsten is a wonderful tutor! I cannot recommend her enough. She explains things so clearly and breaks content down in a very efficient manner. She is very patient, kind and will go out of her way to help you. She should be a lecturer as her teaching style is fantastic. You definitely won't regret working with Kirsten.

Teena, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


I highly recommend Kirsten to any student! She is very knowledgeable, and helped me understand the topics I used to have trouble with. Kirsten is a great teacher who helped me feel confident going into exams. Thanks Kirsten for your hard work!

Aleesha, StudentVIP member
since April, 2017


Kirsten is definitely a good tutor of chemistry. She will help you go through all your problems patiently. After her tutor, I found that chemistry is much more easier than I thought! Thanks for your hard work, you’re the best! Highly recommend Kirsten!

Wing Hooi, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Kirsten was an incredible tutor! She really knew how to teach it to someone who had no idea, she really knew how to break the content down and not over completing it. Was a better teacher than the actual lecturers not gonna lie ! She really cares and goes above and beyond to help u understand what u are learning.

Cerah, StudentVIP member
since August, 2018


After failing a quiz at the beginning of this semester in a subject I wasn't very familiar in (CHEM1202), I was feeling very stressed. Kirsten was patient and friendly and helped me feel like I could bounce back and still do well in the topic. My grades improved immensely with Kirsten's help and I went into my exam feeling confident and calm. Thanks so much Kirsten, you're a champion!

Julia, StudentVIP member
since December, 2016


Highly recommend Kirsten! She is very patient, helpful, intelligent and understanding and will go out of her way to help you, even asking her questions after hours. You wont find a better tutor anywhere else!

Stacey, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


Kirsten is an incredible student and has been a massive help with getting a handle on chemistry! She sure knows her stuff and is an excellent and patient teacher who I would highly recommend!

Bianca, StudentVIP member
since July, 2017


Kirsten is an excellent student and very helpful. She's very patient and understanding when it comes to difficult topics!

Maddie, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015

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