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I am a 1st year Doctor of Medicine student at the University of Melbourne, having recently graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science with completely straight H1 and receiving the numerous department awards/Dean's Honours Lists awards. Having consistently achieved 90+ scores in most subjects I've ever done at UniMelb, (listed below with my specific mark), I'm here to help you succeed as well! I aim to impart the cognitive skills to each student in learning and studying their subjects in such a way that will lead to excellent, improved results.

I will take you through understanding new/hard concepts, explaining solutions to hard exam questions (easy ones too); mastering, integrating, and applying the topics you learn. Be prepared for motivating and fun ways of learning! I can do one on one tutoring in Parkville campus libraries for $40 per hour. Contact me today to organize a time, and get on the road to better results!

BCMB20002 (96); BCMB20005 (90); PHYS20008 (93); ANAT20006 (95); MIIM20001 (95); NEUR30003 (94); BCMB30010 (87); MIIM20002 (94); MIIM30011 (87); MIIM30002 (94); MIIM30016 (85); MIIM30003 (83); MIIM30014 (89); LING20005 (89); LING30002 (93);

HD (85 - 100) in first year chemistry, organic chemistry, BIOL10004, and first year mathematics.

P.S. Some subjects don't release past exams, and for some of these, I've recorded all the questions I remember from the actual exam that I sat, for use during tutoring sessions.




Joshua has tutored me recently for BIOM20001. He definitely knows his material! And on the rare time he didn't know an answer he was honest about it. He has great analogies which make difficult concepts easier to understand. He's a nice guy with a relaxed approach. I recommend him.

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