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Experienced tutor and Biomedicine graduate INTRO Hi there! -My name's Russel and I have graduated from Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne with First Class Honours. -I have received a H1 in many subjects throughout my degree and offer tutoring in many of those subjects. Thus, I have an in-depth understanding of the subjects which I tutor. I have been tutoring for three years now. TEACHING -My teaching style involves using a personalised tutoring approach by focusing on each individual student's strengths, weaknesses, background knowledge and goals. -I tailor my sessions based on what you want to learn. I understand that uni can be tough and that there can be a lot of content. Thus, I aim to offer you a condensed version of the content you need to know focusing on each lesson's learning objectives. -I also work you through worked examples in chemistry and physics for example to understand specific concepts. In addition, in biology-based subjects I share many of my memorisation tips and tricks. -Lessons run for one hour and I offer a free 30 minute consultation too. Cost and Place -I tutor online and at the State Library or on campus at one of the libraries. -I charge $55 for one student/hr. -I offer group discounts of $40 each for two students/hr and $30 each for three students/hr.