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Hi friends. ACTL is hard, but help is here. I have four years of tutoring experience including two years as a official ACTL tutor at UNSW, and for the first time I'll also be offering private classes (1-on-1 and small groups). My marks: ACTL1101 - 92 ACTL2131 - 92 ACTL2111 - 95 ACTL2102 - 95 ACTL3141 - 90 ACTL3142 - 85 ACTL3162 - 94 ACTL3182 - 88 ACTL3151 - 90 (and an ATAR of 99.90 if anyone cares) There will be crystal clear recap slides! There will be detailed problem solutions! There will even be general ACTL career advice if you like! The hourly rate given includes prep time for myself so your time isn't wasted. If for some reason I can't answer a question in the session, I'll delived an answer afterwards guaranteed. My rate is high but you will not find a more qualified ACTL tutor. I teach at uni in booked rooms, or I can come to you if you're near enough. ($70 rate per person for small group sessions subject to availability)