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🌟 GAMSAT Section II Tutoring - Make your med dreams a reality🌟 Are you a science or biomed student gearing up for the GAMSAT in March this year? Do you find yourself struggling with essay writing, wishing you had the finesse of those with an arts and humanities background? Look no further then. I was once a biomed student with no humanities background sitting GAMSAT for the first time in a couple of months. And I haven’t written a timed essay since high school. But, I was able to teach myself within 2 months to formulate a simple and highly replicable essay style that worked every time even under the stress of 30 minutes. This ultimately got me a 80 in section II and 78 overall score in GAMSAT and that got me into the medicine course of my dreams at Unimelb. I can teach you to do the same. Why choose me? ✨ Science and Biomed Background I understand your exact situation and struggles as someone who has no humanities background and has forgotten how to write an essay since high school. Trust me, I felt the same way as you when I realized what GAMSAT section II involved. Therefore, I am the best person who relates to your challenges and can help you go from 0 to battle-ready in a short amount of time. 🎓 Simple and Terribly Effective If you also hated creative writing styles, you’re in luck. This method I will teach you will involve minimal effort to learn, highly structured yet adaptable to any topic and pressure-proof for even the most anxious brains. Most importantly, it just works. Every time. 💪 Overcome Anxiety and Fear Mind goes blank when the timer starts? That’s fine. I have a structured progression plan that will gradually but surely take you from zero to confidence. Manage your jitters with science-proven methods that have worked in every high-stakes test scenario I’ve been in. Cultivate a high performance mindset with me that will help you own your anxiety. 🖊️ Improve quickly and effortlessly: I will guide you through every micro-skill there is from analyzing prompts, producing work-able ideas all the way to producing compelling GAMSAT-ready essays in 30 minutes on any topic. Mastering Section II requires a series of skills. Skills can be taught and improved upon. Learn how to explore complex ideas with clarity, nuance and develop cohesive arguments that get you the score you need for your dream course. 🌐 Flexible Online Sessions: Convenient and flexible online sessions, tailored to fit your busy student lifestyle. Whether you need help with brainstorming ideas, refining and feedback for your drafts, or breaking down topics. I will be here to support you every step along the way. 📚Medicine Entry Mentorship Med entry is a stressful and difficult ordeal. Give yourself an edge by building connections with medical students who were once in your shoes to receive advice and guidance along your journey into medicine and beyond. ⭐My Experience: Melbourne University - (2023 - 2026) · Doctor of Medicine (MD) CSP Metro · 80 GAMSAT Section II · 78 GAMSAT Overall (98+ percentile) Monash University - (2020 - 2022) · Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Scholars) · Biomedicine Discovery Scholarship · 4.0 GPA John Monash Science School (2018 - 2019) · 99.20 ATAR ⭐Pricing $80 per hour - premium one-on-one coaching 🔒 Secure Your Spot for Success Today: Make your medicine dreams come true. Get in touch today. Text with your name and email, I will respond in the same day. 🚀 Prepare to ace your Section II Essay 🚀



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