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I am a high school Maths and Science teacher. I have a Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science) and a Master of Teaching (Secondary). I have previously worked at Flinders University as a tutor for MATH1701 and MATH1702 as well as working in the drop in Centre. I have maintained all my notes and resources from studying and teaching MATH1701, MATH1702, MATH1121 and MATH1122. I have an adaptive teaching style that caters to a range of learning styles and needs. Whenever I find a student isn't understanding the concept the way I am explaining it, I will adjust my teaching style until I find a way that helps you understand best. My methods include verbal and written instructions, visuals, demonstrating how to solve a problem, breaking down the steps to solve a problem, breaking down questions to understand what they're asking you, and many more!! One of the things I find most my students need is a confidence boost, more than second teacher, and I work hard from the moment I meet you to reassure you of your abilities by highlighting what you already know and can do, and simplifying concepts and methods so they sound more manageable and achievable, because they are (YOU CAN DO THIS!). My rates are $60/hour, they can increase by $10/hour for driving time, but I'm negotiable on my rates when it comes to group sessions. I am relatively flexible with my time and happy to meet anywhere for sessions. I also usually come to sessions with a copy of my notes, textbook and calculator (just in case you forget anything, it happens!).



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