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PhD scholarship holder || Casual Tutor/Lecturer || Award-winning teacher || Crazy Dog Lover Totally swamped with coursework? Need someone to help you navigate through those tricky assignments? Well, lucky for you, you've found me! I'm [Your Name] and I'm here to help you own your coursework, not just survive it. I've been a tutor for 6 years, and let me tell you, I've seen it all! My superpower is turning complex, "I have no idea what this means" concepts into simple, "I totally got this!" moments. Here's what I offer: Custom-Made Study Plans: Forget the cookie-cutter approach. I work with you to create a personalised game plan, focusing on your specific needs, so you can boss your way through every subject! Learn to Learn: On top of tackling subject specifics, I'm also all about helping you learn how to learn. Trust me, the right study skills and time management tricks can make a world of difference. Homework Heroes: Stumped by an assignment? I'm here to guide you through it, not do it for you. We'll decipher the requirements, strategist, and arm you with all the tools you need to smash it out of the park. Flexi-Time: Life is chaotic, I get it. That's why I offer flexible tutoring sessions to fit into your schedule. Budget-Friendly: Great tutoring shouldn't leave your wallet in tears. I offer top-notch help at student-friendly prices. So, if you're ready to take your studies from "OMG!" to "Nailed it!", drop me a message. Let's turn that academic stress into academic success together!


English, French, Mandarin


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