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Hi! I'm Ruby, and I'm currently in my fourth year at ANU studying a Bachelor of Languages, with a double major in Korean Language and Japanese Language. My Korean learning journey began in 2018, with little more than a desire to "just be able to read," something that quickly developed into a want to learn as much as I possibly could. In 2019, I studied Korean at a language school, as an extracurricular, before coming to ANU in 2020 and enrolling in Korean 2 (after taking the placement test). Right now, I am taking Advanced Korean: Film and Society, something I never thought I would be able to do just a few years after beginning formal Korean study. Starting at ANU in 2020, the first couple of years did not treat me all that nicely, I made some silly mistakes with my study and even changed degrees. From my experiences, I have been able to learn how to adapt and overcome challenges in my study, and have come a very long way both in terms of my academic performance and general ability since then, and want to help you do the same! I find that there are plenty of ways to study a language, but the most important thing is understanding how your brain processes information, and tailoring your study to work according to that. I'm dedicated to helping you learn Korean in the most effective way, whether that is through flashcards, conversation practice, or assigning videos or shows for you to watch according to your level. I am able to tutor each level of Korean, as well as for the TOPIK I exam (levels 1 & 2). In fact, I took the TOPIK I exam recently, in October 2022, and scored 176/200 (83/100 listening, 93/100 reading), a score that I am very proud of. I also plan on taking the TOPIK II exam next year. I can assist in reading, speaking and writing, and can give specific feedback on assignments based on my own results and experience. I have previously tutored year 12 students in SA and the ACT in Psychology, Research Project and English by giving constructive feedback, providing exemplars, and working through areas that they struggle with in order to overcome them. And of course, the most important thing. I want to make these sessions fun! It's so much easier to learn if you're enjoying yourself, and don't feel so bogged down by the content. So I encourage you to engage and have a positive attitude, and in return, I will do my very best to help you not only learn but understand Korean :) I am able to do study sessions online (over Zoom), however, I do prefer to tutor in person! I am more than happy to meet on campus, or in a cafe/library/study space in the city or Gungahlin areas. Group sessions are available at an extra $5 per person.


English, Korean (Intermediate Advanced), Japanese (Intermediate)