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Philosophy // 85 WAM // Philosophy H1 Average // Proof-reading and study help Hi there! My name is Charlie, and I studied Philosophy in B-ARTS from 2020-2023. I am currently offering proof-reading services, as well as help in planning/forming contentions for philosophy essays or assignments. I believe that the best essays are produced through discussion and development of ideas through conversation and collaboration. I aim to help you reach your potential in producing sound, clearly written, and engaging philosophical essays that score highly under Unimelb's (often harsh) criteria. My services include: --> Reviewing essay plans (providing feedback through Microsoft's 'Track Changes' function) --> Zoom calls or in-person discussions of plans to help you fully form your own contention (and ultimately make the writing process less difficult) --> Proof-reading essay plans and providing detailed feedback for improvement My proof-reading services involve in-depth feedback on aspects of your essay such as clarity, spelling, grammar, logic, structuring and referencing. My average turn-around time for essays is 72 hours. If you have any questions, feel free to message me through the StudentVIP messaging service! My current rates for proof-reading/planning help: - 1000 words: $40 (Proof-reading) - 1500-word assignment: $60 (Proof-reading) - 2000-word assignment: $80 (Proof-reading) - 30 minutes: $20 (Planning help) - 1 hour: $40 (Planning help) Please feel free to message me with any inquiries and I'd be glad to help you based on your own goals!



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