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Current Doctor of Medicine student at UoM, CSP, first round - first preference. I tutor CASPer, Section II GAMSAT, and MMI preparation for medical school interviews. I'm a former Psychology tutor at Griffith University who has moved to Melbourne and is now doing a Doctor of Medicine. Psychology is obviously fundamental in understanding how to approach humanities type situations (CASPer/MMI/S2) so I am well positioned to help you achieve your best. I scored 75/83/79 in GAMSAT, with a 4th Quartile CASPer - and have helped many students drastically improve their scores in S2 and CASPer. For MMIs, try a few tutors, then try me - that way you'll understand why I charge more, and you'll agree I'm worth it. Shoot me a message asking for testimonials if you'd like :) I don't find it offensive, and am always happy to brag about my students' success! Looking for a tutor with extensive experience tutoring at Griffith and teaching around the world? Look no further! Whilst in my tutoring role at Griffith, multiple students asked if I was willing to privately tutor them, which was forbidden by Griffith while working for them. Now that I've graduated and left the role, it is open season. You'll see real quick that I'm worth the $80/h. I now have three Bachelor's Degrees, in Med, Economics, and Psych. Why? Idk, I just like studying and hate working I guess. This does mean however, I can help you with nearly any subject! A fun aside, I was also a lecturer at Sichuan University in China, but admittedly this was just for English.. nonetheless international students should feel comfortable selecting me as their tutor, with all English levels catered to (IELTS 6+ ideally). In terms of what you'll get from me, you'll receive a comprehensive tutoring program. I won't just show you the mistakes you've made - I'll show you how to approach ethical questions for both CASPer and MMI. Don't fall into the echo chamber of MMI prep with your friends who aren't any more experienced than you, get advice from a tutor from the beginning so you aren't building bad habits. Happy to do a half hour session @ half the normal rate if you want to taste test your tutors before diving in. As a quick tidbit, if you're mentioning the 4 pillars of ethics in your MMI, you need me ASAP :P


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Dan helped marked some of my essays in the lead up to the March 2024 GAMSAT exam. His advice was on point, and he gave actual actionable advice (as I find that sometimes when my essays are marked by others, the feedback is more about the content of the topic, but it's not very translationable advice to SII in general). So, it was great that Dan offered detailed and comprehensive feedback that was easy for me to digest so that I could improve on my other pieces. Highly recommend!

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since October, 2023


I couldn't recommend Dan more highly! Just a few weeks before my first CASPER sitting, I knew almost nothing about the test — what it assessed or how to approach it. Thanks to Dan's incredible tutoring and guidance, I sat my CASPER with confidence and was thrilled to receive a 4th quartile score, a true testament to his effective tutoring style and the belief he instills in his students. I'm now being tutored by him again for MMI preparation and didn't hesitate for a second to seek his help. Dan is exceptional, and I've recommended him to everyone I know who will be sitting CASPER next year!

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since July, 2024

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