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FUSION MATHS TUTORING - Specializing in University Maths, HSC Maths Tuition, Discrete Maths, MATLAB - Professional C, C++, C#(C sharp) and Java Programming for Tertiary Students My Mission Statement: "To Cultivate Students to Do Better in Maths by Methodology" "Mathematics is the Language with which God has written the Universe" - Galileo Galilei Galileo's statement implies that Mathematics is encapsulated deeply inside within each and every one of us. After years of Maths tutoring experiences, I strongly believe it is true that a student's Mathematical talent can be cultivated and developed through proper methodology. SERVICES *** University Maths: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Differential Equation (ODE, PDE), Engineering Maths, Abstract Algebra, Mathematical Modelling, Number Theory, RSA, MATLAB etc. *** Courses Tutored Macquarie University: DMTH137 Discrete Mathematics I, MATH130 Mathematics IE, MATH133 Mathematics IB Advanced, MATH135 Mathematics IA, MATH136 Mathematics IB, MATH235 Mathematics IIA, MATH236 Mathematics IIB University of Sydney: MATH1001 Differential Calculus, MATH1002 Linear Algebra, MATH1003 Integral Calculus and Modelling, MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics, MATH1011 Applications of Calculus, MATH1013 Mathematical Modelling, MATH1014 Introduction to Linear Algebra, MATH1111 Introduction to Calculus, MATH1902 Linear Algebra Advanced, MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus, MATH2065 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, MATH2961 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus (advanced), MATH2068 Number Theory and Cryptography, MATH2069, MATH2969 Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory University of NSW: MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics, MATH1041 Statistics for Life and Social Sciences, MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics, MATH1131 Mathematics 1A, MATH1141 Higher Mathematics 1A, MATH1151 Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1A, MATH1231 Mathematics 1B, MATH1241 Higher Mathematics 1B, MATH1251 Maths for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1B, MATH2011 Several Variable Calculus, MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E, MATH2069 Mathematics 2A, MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics, MATH2400 Finite Mathematics, MATH2801 Theory of Statistics, MATH3311 Mathematical Computing for Finance University of Western Sydney: 200025 Discrete Mathematics, 200027 Linear Algebra, 200237 Mathematics for Engineers 1, 200238 Mathematics for Engineers 2, 200242 Mathematics for Engineers 3, 300580 Programming Fundamentals, 300581 Programming Techniques, 300673 MATHEMATICS 1B, 300699 Discrete Structures and Complexity, 300831 Quantitative Thinking UTS: 33130 Mathematical Modelling 1, 33190 Mathematical Modelling for Science, 35101 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems, 48023 Programming Fundamentals Java, 48430 Embedded C University of Newcastle: MATH1800 Mathematical Modelling, MATH2320 Linear Algebra, MATH3120 Abstract Algebra, MATH3170 Number Theory University of New England: MATH120 Introductory Mathematical Methods, PMTH213 Linear Algebra University of Queensland: MATH3303 Abstract Algebra & Number Theory IB Mathematics *** Computational Maths: Discrete Maths, Graph Theory, Algorithms, C++, C#(C sharp) and Java Programming Language, etc. RATES For University Student: *** $70+ per hour for regular students (Depending on the level of Maths subjects) *** $90+ per hour for casual students (Ad-hoc or Exam Preparation) CONTACTS Phone: 0406 488 696 Email: fusionmathstutoring@gmail.com QUALIFICATIONS *** 10+ years of one-on-one tutoring experience specialising in High School and University Maths. *** Bachelor Degree in Mathematics *** Master Degree in Computer Science