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Hi, my name is Chelsea! I am a 2021 Bachelor of Biomedicine graduate from The University of Melbourne with a major in Pathology.

I offer tutoring for a range of Biomedicine subjects, and can also offer tutoring for pathology and anatomy subjects in the faculty of science. I have received first-class honours (H1) for all subjects I offer tutoring in, and have developed extensive study strategies for each of the subjects on offer.

As a tutor, I want to help you excel and develop a thorough understanding of the content you are learning. I have developed comprehensive resources and summaries for all subjects I offer tutoring in, and will endeavour to help you execute your own study strategies.

I have also volunteered as a peer mentor for the Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences Faculty at The University of Melbourne, and have experience in supporting students as they navigate the transition into university.

I am an adaptable and approachable individual and am committed to providing you with outstanding academic support.

I am currently based in Melbourne and am available for either in-person tutorials around the Parkville area or online tutorials via zoom.

Please feel free to send me a message to discuss how I can best help you succeed in your university studies.