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**🧠 Biomedicine & Neuroscience, GAMSAT & MMI || 88 WAM || Exam Prep and Assignments || 🧠** Hiya! I'm a Doctor of Medicine (MD4) student at UniMelb, having completed the Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2020 (major in Neuroscience). I received first class honors (H1) for each of my subjects listed. I'm here to help you take the stress out of success, working with you to identify and use active strategies to smash your goals. Lesson lengths and approach are flexible and personalized, ranging from exam based revision, practice, to visual presentations, explanations, mnemonics and cheat sheets. Discounts available for group sessions online. I provide GAMSAT section I and II tutoring. I scored 84 in section II in the 2020 May sitting. The essay component provides significant opportunity to boost the overall score. I provide both online tutoring and essay marking/feedback for section II. I have previously tutored students in GAMSAT and the MMI, helping them to achieve a place in top Australian medical schools, and I can help you to do the same! I offer tutoring in a range of subjects across the Bachelor of Biomedicine and Science curriculum for which I achieved H1 results. I have a specialist interest in Neuroscience, and with experience in research I can provide extra guidance in this area. For all subjects listed I offer assistance with reports, essays and assignments. _________________________________ RATES: One-on-one rate (GAMSAT): $80ph One-on-one rate (MMI): $70ph One-on-one rate (University subjects): $70ph Groups of 2+ (university subjects): $30ph per student Groups of 2+ (GAMSAT): $40ph per student Groups of 2+ (MMI): $35ph per student Assignment/Report/Essay corrections: $45ph of my time GAMSAT essay corrections: $30 per piece Minimum (for short sessions <30mins/cancellations within 1 hour): $40


English, Spanish


Dan was a very experienced tutor who knew exactly how to help with MMIs. His feedback was very insightful and he provided many useful resources and practice questions.

Chen, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


Dan recently tutored me for my first sitting of section 2 of the GAMSAT. As this was my first time, I was clueless about the section, and Dan was super helpful. He efficiently and accurately identified areas I struggled with and gave actionable constructive criticism and goals to work towards for each piece of work I submitted. This helped me improve a lot without feeling overwhelmed. He was also patient, kind, and always willing to work with my schedule. Dan was always incredibly organized, prepared for our lessons, and had a creative bank of lesson plans and great advice. He was an absolute joy to learn from, and I genuinely felt academically and mentally supported and cared for throughout my tutoring experience.

Kalaimugil, StudentVIP member
since October, 2021


Dan tutored me for Sec2 GAMSAT. He is always friendly and professional. His advice was very invaluable and it helped me improve a lot. He always knows what he is talking about, and can tackle any topic in section 2. Although I am an international student with difficulties in English, he was always patient and willing to teach. I highly recommend him if you are struggling in section 2.

Yusuke, StudentVIP member
since November, 2021


Dan tutored me in MCB and section 2 GAMSAT. He is a very good tutor with great knowledge and helped me a lot in understanding difficult concepts in MCB using very simple explanations. Haven't had him for a long time with section 2 GAMSAT but his advice helped guide me through it. Highly recommend

Isa, StudentVIP member
since October, 2021


Dan tutored me for the UniMelb Medicine MMI and he was incredibly helpful! He gave such valuable feedback and support and really made sure that I was making progress. His help with preparation gave me so much more confidence going into the interview which makes such a big difference. Super recommend Dan as a tutor!

Yasmin, StudentVIP member
since September, 2022


I sought out S2 tutoring from Dan. Compared to other tutors I've had, the written feedback from Dan was extremely comprehensive and included actionable strategies to implement in the next essay. Dan also answers questions quite promptly over email - excellent communication. I felt more confident going into my previous sitting and wrote 2 essays comfortably during the exam. I highly recommend Dan as your next S2 tutor.

Bryan, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


I strongly recommend Dan for tutoring NEUR30003(Principles of Neuroscience). He can provide clear logic when discussing relevant topics and was able to answer all queries I had. I had Dan's lessons after the MST and there was a significant improvement in my final results.

Adam, StudentVIP member
since May, 2022


Dan helped me with section 2 for my GAMSAT and he provided invaluable information. He gives great and in depth feedback, highlighting your strengths and more importantly ways to work on your weaknesses. He has great ideas and interesting perspectives, essay structure information and vocabulary feedback that improved my writing exponentially. Would most definitely recommend!

Rohit, StudentVIP member
since February, 2022


Dan tutored me for my first section 2 gamsat sitting. He was able to provide clear feedback for my essays and I could see improvements as we approached the March sitting. Furthermore it was a great opportunity to learn a new way of synthesising ideas for my essays which I felt helped a lot in the actual sitting. 100% recommend!!

Joseph, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021


Dan tutored me for section 2 GAMSAT recently and he is an amazing tutor! I was very clueless about GAMSAT writing and Dan helped me to navigate through it in a really short amount of time I had. He has great ideas for every topic and are able to express sophisticated opinions in a clear, simple and logical way when he's teaching. Which really improved my writing! 1000% recommend!

QiQi, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I've known Dan for a long time and he's an excellent tutor! I've been with him for NEUR30003 (Principles of Neuroscience) and he has a great way of synthesising complex subjects into a simple, comprehensible structure. 100% recommend!

Andy, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018

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