Hi, I'm Marwa!

I'm a ANU student studying Health.


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Hi there! I am a second year university student at ANU, studying Bachelor of Health Science.

ABOUT ME: I graduated Canberra College in 2018 studying majors in chemistry, biology, English and specialist methods mathematics, with two minors in Physics (year 11), and human biology (year 12). I took a gap year to explore dentistry as a career choice and acquire my Cert IV in Dental Assisting. I currently still work as a dental assistant, and I would like to build experience with tutoring. I enjoy helping others with learning, personal development, motivation and organisation skills. As a student who has overcome many challenges, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to become a successful student.
- ACT Science Mentors Certificate doing a research project in pharmacy (at UC) (2018)
- Principal's Award for Excellence in Science (2018)

I am currently enjoying my studies and plan to study medicine in future! I am fascinated by all things anatomy and I enjoy teaching/learning about the human body.

MY ABILITIES: I have a keen interest in chemistry, biology and human biology. I love mathematics and I am willing to help you with any concepts you may be struggling with, or recommend some helpful resources. I can also help with AST practice (essay writing, etc) for college students. I am open to university students and endeavour to teach content in an easy-to-digest format. I can offer tutoring services such as assignment proofreading, teaching laboratory concepts, helping with homework, personal development and planning.

MY TEACHING STYLE: Highly individualised, and willing to alter my strategies for what works best for you!
I consider myself very creative and love to sketch things out whilst explaining, so I may use my digital whiteboard (iPad) - I can send you a copy after each lesson. I can also structure some revision material and helpful resources such as interactive activities and videos. I prefer 45-60 min lessons, but I can offer 30 min check-ins as needed. I am usually available most days, and willing to tutor on weekends. I would like to know if you have any prescribed textbooks/resources and can have a chat with you about what's working or not working for you.

First lesson will be a 30 min complimentary consultation to discuss what I can help you with so we can develop a plan. After that, I will organise a structure and be able to teach you material according to how frequently you'd like to meet me.

During the current turn of events, I can only offer online/Zoom meetings, however, I am willing to meet at public libraries/schools after restrictions ease.

Hourly rate:
Year 7-10 - $30
Year 11 - $30
Year 12 - $35
University - $40-50 (depending on course, first year courses negotiable)
Group study - TBC upon request

I am willing to discuss hourly rates and come to a negotiation. Please send me a message if you're interested. Thank you :)