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--- NOTE: Only taking summer term students at this stage, thank you!!! ---

Hello - my name is Gypsy Akhyar!

I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics with a specialisation in Pure Mathematics.

I have been tutoring students for the past three years with the Skyline Education Foundation and ATARNotes, and have experience teaching one-on-one, group classes and giving lectures (to over 1000 unique students).

I aspire to become an academic and am part of a small research group led by Prof. Arun Ram investing Macdonald polynomials. I also have a deep passion for philosophy and have studied a few subjects in the school formally in my degree.

I have been awarded scholarships from the University of Melbourne, Janet Clarke Hall, and The Smith Family.

Available for both in-person tutoring (given close to Brunswick/Parkville area) and online. Prices range from 35-50 depending on subject. I look forward to studying with you! :)




Gypsy has been a massive help over the summer term this year, he is well prepared for each lesson and gives insightful tips and ways of approaching different questions. He is very easy to communicate with and would definitely recommend him to anyone taking Linear Algebra.

Ethan, StudentVIP member
since December, 2020


Gypsy really helped me understand Linear Algebra over the Summer. For something that originally seemed quite daunting and abstract, he really broke it down and explained it thoroughly. The sessions were all really enjoyable, great communicator and super nice guy. Highly recommend!!

Harry, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Gypsy helped me a lot to get a headstart on my summer intensive, since he is well aware of the content and prepares heaps of info to help me during our sessions. He also makes it very easy to ask questions, so if anyone needs help definitely talk to him

Taha, StudentVIP member
since December, 2020


Gypsy helped so much!!! i gave him so many questions for us to solve together (about 20, and they were long) and he prepared the answers in just one hour. the whole thing took less than 24 hrs and he gave really useful advice and his explanation was so simple i didn't feel overwhelmed during the session. more importantly he was really nice and non-judgmental which i really appreciate :) definitely hit him up if you need help!!!

Yara, StudentVIP member
since December, 2020

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