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I'm a ANU student studying Arts.


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I graduated from the ANU in June 2020 with a Bachelors degree in International Security Studies and Arts. I have also successfully published my first academic paper which served as the basis for my honours thesis - Japan: The Master Contortionist. Throughout my studies, I discovered that the best way to succeed in these essay writing rich courses is to engage directly with the work completed by other high achieving students. My teaching style will, thus, centre around picking apart works my students have done so far and using my own exemplars to demonstrate how they can improve their essay writing skills. I will also be willing to assist you in developing a robust workflow from organising your time, to researching to referencing, which will allow you to better stay on top of your workload. If you are ready for me to help you jump a grade band or two in your studies and are doing or have done the courses listed below, please get in touch today! My rate is $40-50 per hour, depending on the complexity of services offered. I can provided tailored Essay Writing Strategies modules to suit your unique needs as well as exemplars of my past works. I am open to teaching both tertiary and secondary students (those doing Global Politics in the BSSS system).