Hi, I'm Jeff!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Engineering.


Per hour


Started uni
- Master of Engineering (Mechanical) - The University of Melbourne (UniMelb)
- Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Systems) - UniMelb

Over the years, as I’ve completed my Bachelors, Master, and entered the workforce, I’ve noticed the lack of transferable skills that universities are able to teach - this is something I also emphasise in my teaching; real-life, work-applicable skill sets. If you’re keen on getting ahead of your peers, I’m here to help.

Teaching Style:
Ensuring my students are comfortable is a priority for me. Always ask me for help, all questions are good questions. I have a laid back personality but when it comes to my work and my teaching, you will expect no less than professional service.

Subject List:
- Thermodynamics
- Fluid Mechanics
- Finite Element Methods
- Computational Fluid Dynamics
- Advanced Thermofluids
- Robotics
- Control of Robotic Systems
- Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis
- Micro and Biofluidics
- Mechanical Design
- Biofluid Dynamics and Systems
- Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue
- Composite Materials and Mechanics
- Computing for Mechatronic Engineers
- Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems
- Computing Applications in Mechatronics Systems
- Advanced Autonomous Systems
- Optimisation Methods