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I'm a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) student at MQ. I have a WAM of 89 and am on the merit scholarship for achieving within the top 1% of my cohort. I'm an outgoing person and will try to provide you with help that is both meaningful and engaging. My goal as a tutor is that you will feel more confident in your academic ability and that you will find more enjoyment in your studies.

I can help you with any content you may be struggling with or finding difficult to understand, with revising for exams, regular academic support, providing detailed feedback on assignment drafts, or with helping you create a tailored study schedule to ensure you get the best grades possible at university!

Tutoring is $50 p/h and can be done on campus or online (Zoom). Feedback on assignment drafts is $35 per 1500 words. Helping you with time management and scheduling is $25 per half hour.

My Grades:
ANTH1051 Human Evolution and Diversity: 86 (HD)
COGS1010 Delusions and Disorders of the Mind and Brain: 96 (HD) - I won an academic award for this subject
PHIL1031 The Philosophy of Human Nature: 91 (HD)
PHIL1032 Happiness, Goodness, and Justice: 89 (HD)
PSYU1104 Introduction to Psychology I: 84 (D)
PSYU1105 Introduction to Psychology II: 92 (HD)
PSYU2248 Design and Statistics II: 94 (HD)
PSYU2246 Cognitive Processes: 98 (HD) - I won an academic award for this subject
PSYU2247 Perception: 94 (HD)
PSYU2234 Social and Personality Psychology: 90 (HD)
PSYU3332 Principles of Psychological Assessment: 94 (HD)



What can I say, Naomi is a wonderful and encouraging tutor. Naomi helped me tackle PSYU2228 Design and Statistics and had the ability to break it down the content and make it more understandable (thank goodness!). Naomi is very supportive and not only helps you achieve better results but motivates you. Thank you, best investment!! Just do it, you won't regret it! Cindy

Cindy, StudentVIP member
since August, 2020


Taking on Naomi as my tutor for PSYU2248 Design and statistics II was the best decision I made. She helped me understand many of the difficult concepts and parts of statistics in a simple yet effective way, which was exactly what I needed. Not only did she provide a great tutoring experience, she is a lovely person overall to have worked so closely together with! I highly recommend her as a tutor for statistics but I am sure she can provide support in the other subjects too!

Laura, StudentVIP member
since June, 2020


Naomi is a fantastic tutor, she is phenomenal, she really helped me understand statistics in particular.. she made me feel calm and relaxed. it was overall such a wonderful experience being tutored by her

Zoe Caruana, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019