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I'm a Macq. student studying Business.


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My name is Jamie and I'm a 5th year University student studying Actuarial Studies and Economics now at UNSW, but formerly at Macquarie Uni.

I did my first two years of study at Macquarie University, and achieved a HD in all the subjects on offer.

My strength as a tutor lies in my ability to communicate tough concepts and ideas to students in a way that they'll understand. I'm passionate about Economics and Finance, and love teaching these courses.

I have a strong knowledge of the assessment structures of these courses, and can accordingly help you prepare as best as possible for them.

In light of COVID-19, I have transitioned my sessions to online.

Please reach out if you want to know more.

ACST1001 - Finance 1A: 85
ACCG1000 - Accounting in Society: 91
AFIN2050 - Investments: 93
ECON2004 - Macroeconomic Analysis and Applications: 86
ECON2003 - Microeconomic Analysis and Applications: 82
ECON110 - Macroeconomic Principlies: 83
ECON111 - Microeconomic Principles: 89
STAT1170 - Introductory Statistics
STAT1371 - Statistical Data Analysis
STAT1250 - Business Statistics
STAT2372 - Probability
STAT2371 - Statistics




I currently am studying my Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Economics at Macquarie University, and am currently starting in my 2nd Year! I must say, my first two semesters were quite daunting, particularly when taking the subjects, ACST101, both ECON110 and ECON111 and AFIN250. Even though I had completed Economics for my HSC, university was an entire different ball-game! With the overwhelming workload and whilst juggling both social/school life I decided it was time to find a Tutor.

I set out on studentvip to find a tutor who was both flexible and educated and this is how I met Jamie! I contacted Jamie on a Friday evening and by Sunday we had already booked our Initial Consultation to really see how I was travelling with my subjects. It is safe to say, that Jamie is both well-communicated, extremely flexible and definitely knows what he is talking about!! At our Initial Consultation Jamie had decided to set out a plan on how we would approach the semester, he broke down the workload for me and made it easy to understand/organise.

Not only was Jamie supportive and committed towards guiding me to reach my full potential in my subjects but he always made me feel encouraged and motivated to do more! Jamie made my life easier by actually going through past exam papers and this made my study pattern change for the better!

I would highly recommend Jamie for any tutoring needs! He is priced affordably and also offered me a free tutoring session with no strings attached at all. I suggest messaging Jamie to book in your initial consultation and really push yourself and your marks to the max!

I received distinctions in all the subjects that Jamie assisted and tutored me in, and I will be using his services again in the future 100%


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since January, 2020