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Unimelb MD3 2024, BSc Chem 2021 (93 WAM, Dean's Honours) with 87 GAMSAT score. Over 1000 hours of tutoring experience. GAMSAT Sept fully booked. Taking waitlist for MMI sessions starting in August. My marks: GAMSAT - S1 72, S2 77, S3 99 (Sept 2020: 95th, 99th and 100th percentiles respectively) Anatomy - 96, 93 Biochem - 93 Chem 1 and 2 - 93, 93 CHEM20020 - 98 CHEM30016 - 99 Dean's Honours List 2019-2021 GAMSAT - in our sessions we will S1: refine technique, discuss approaches to different text styles, review difficult questions S2: plan, discuss technique and structure, do essay feedback, give you access to my essays S3: cover any lacking background, refine technique, review difficult questions and dissect how to approach them MMI - in our sessions we will discuss technique, how to balance authenticity and sophistication of responses, do rapid fire questions, workshop responses, run mock interviews. I tutor online. Discount applies for pairs.


English, Mandarin


Raelynn is very experienced and knowledgeable with the GAMSAT and have guided me through a systematic process that allowed me to greatly improve my score. For section 2, she provides detailed feedback which allowed me to improve my quality of writing drastically. She's also able to breakdown section 3 questions really clearly so that I could understand the thinking process behind it, and be able to approach these questions much more confidently in the real GAMSAT. I wouldn't have achieved the score I achieved this GAMSAT without her help, highly recommend for anyone seeking GAMSAT tutoring.

Ethan, StudentVIP member
since February, 2023


Raelynn helped me prepare for my MMIs for medicine, and was fantastic! She always answered any questions I had and her feedback was always detailed and helpful! I gained confidence during our sessions and was complimented by my peers when I practiced with them for how well I was doing! Definitely reccomend!

Ashleigh, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021


Raelynn is a fantastic tutor for all sections of the GMASAT she was instrumental in helping understand the steps I needed to take to improve my ability to tackle the different types of questions in section 1 and 3 and planning and writing essays for section 2.

Anis, StudentVIP member
since November, 2022


Raelynn tutored me in s3 for GAMSAT for the March 2023 sitting. I am so glad that I was able to have her as a tutor! She is so intelligent and can explain anything. I would just ask her questions whether from Des O’Neill or ACER and she was able to go through all of them on the spot and explain any theory I lacked behind it - she’s like an encyclopaedia! If I couldn’t understand she would provide easy analogies for me to process. Couldn’t recommend her enough and her prices are fantastic and so reasonable - definitely worth your time and money.

Emma, StudentVIP member
since July, 2022


Raelynn was a very well-informed tutor for the GAMSAT. She was incredibly helpful in outlining a plan and teaching how to prepare for the GAMSAT. She also had great insight for exemplar S2 essays and methods for correct answers in S1 and S3.

Manas, StudentVIP member
since July, 2021


Raelynn is an amazing tutor and taught so well in BCMB20002 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). She has the deepest understanding in the subject and helped me so much with either content or past papers. Highly recommend her to students who are still struggling with the subject or confused! Thank you Raelynn for your help!

Vinson, StudentVIP member
since March, 2021


Raelynn is an incredible tutor for GAMSAT. She helped me understand S1 and refined my approach to passages which made a fundamental difference in my confidence and skills to dissect and connect with the passages on an actual day. For S3, Raelynn is absolutely outstanding, she explains her techniques of approaching different graphs, texts, and figures in a way that makes S3 so much easier and more accessible. Besides being a fantastic tutor for GAMSAT, she is very easy to get along with too, making going to tute a great experience altogether - very motivating and rewarding in the journey of preparing for the GAMSAT. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sit the exam.

Shirley, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Raelynn is an outstanding tutor for the GAMSAT. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all sections, and has provided clear, succinct and detailed answers to all of my questions. She has a fantastic way of breaking material down so that it is understandable, and is very patient, compassionate, and eager to help with the most complicated concepts in S3. She is highly skilled and willing to explain any content that I am having difficulty with in all sections. Her tutoring sessions have provided me with enough confidence and motivation to tackle all of the most difficult areas of the exam. I highly recommend her as a tutor! Thank you Raelynn!

Allegra, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Raelynn is an incredible tutor! Highly recommend!

Taya, StudentVIP member
since January, 2020


Raelynn is a fantastic tutor in BCMB20002 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). She explained the topics very thoroughly and I improved a lot in the final exam. She was also very supportive, kindly sharing her advices and experience in the subject as well as uni life. It all helped me a lot in completing all three of my very content-heavy second year bioscience subjects. Thank you Raelynn!

Tina, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


Raelynn is a very knowledgeable tutor, and definitely knows her stuff. She helped me with CHEM10003 (Chemistry 1) by breaking down concepts that I didn't understand from the lectures/pracs and by going over the questions that I got wrong on the quizzes. To obtain maximum benefit, you should recognise the concepts/questions you have trouble with, and let her explain the confusion away!

Ruthvi, StudentVIP member
since January, 2021


Raelynn was an immense help for me during CHEM10004 (Chemistry 2, Semester 2, 2020). She managed to take all the major, complicated concepts and simplified them making them relatable and easy to grasp. She was also very accomodating to my learning style and really looked to help me improve as much as I could in every area. She has made me a lot more comfortable with Chemistry as a whole, and also taught me valuable ways to approach new concepts, she is a highly recommended tutor for everyone!

Tharushi, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


When I first started with Discrete maths in the 2nd year. It was extremely overbearing focusing away from the lectures such as Roam Research and Persuell with Alysson. With the help of Raelynn’s direct and vocal approach consistently help me stay focused on the task when facing a simple problem on row operations in a simplex method. This can allow to communicate and understand efficiently with the context and topics overall. She is happy to answer if you extremely uncertain after every single step to ensure your understanding and confidence is up to date (unless you know there’s an assignment or exam coming up, so you better understand her work she has written so far) and stay up to date as well. Best to recommend her as a tutor and hopefully I will guarantee more than a pass and get a lot out of in this subject.

Michael, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017

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